//interviewer// Elsv

//photographer// Tim Peare


BREAKS //  Where’s home right now for you?

PAT MOORE //  Kind of a mix between Venice, CA and Tahoe for the winter.


BREAKS //   Could you give an example of a trick that you learned in backcountry that you tried in town and vice versa.

PAT MOORE //  I wouldn’t say that there’s any specific tricks that take from one to the other, but just how to look at the terrain. I think cause I ride both backcountry and street stuff, I see stuff that draws inspiration from each other. I can see big stuff in the streets that make sense to me because of what we ride on the mountain, and I also see the fun of jibbing around in the mountains.


BREAKS //  A lot of the video parts you are involved in, how calculated are they

in terms of preparation of the kicker and the landing. You guys doing math and shit? Drawing them out?

PAT MOORE //  No, a lot of it is just a guesstimation, so those first hits are always interesting. Sometimes you want to be the first person to hit the jump for the fresh landing, but other times you’re stoked to go second if it’s a big gap or something.


BREAKS //  What do you think about snowboarding in the Olympics?

PAT MOORE //  I dunno, I’m kind of indifferent. I’m stoked to see my friends do well and get the opportunity to go.


BREAKS //  At some point we all get old, what do you wanna do when your body starts to tell you chill on the riding?

PAT MOORE //  We’ll see if I make it that far.


BREAKS //  Music preferences? Only metal?

PAT MOORE //  No, a lot of different stuff. I like good country like Hank III, GG Allin’s country album, and acoustic stuff like Roky Erickson and Neil Young. But mainly Metallica, Slayer, Suicide Contest- Thrash.


BREAKS //  Any current projects or recently finished vids?

PAT MOORE //  We just got done with a new online part for Volcom called IP3, but we are gearing up for a full video this season, so I’m stoked to get going on a full project, not just a part.


BREAKS //  Nature is so unpredictable, meteorology must become a second hobby for people like yourself? What sites do you use?

PAT MOORE // Haha, ya basically. I use Noaa a lot, they have the best weather forecasting, and then different avalanche forecasting websites for different areas.


BREAKS //  Favorite mountain, if you had to choose one?

PAT MOORE //  If I’m out filming, I’d say the Tordrillo mountain range in Alaska. If I’m at a resort, I’d say Squaw Valley in Tahoe.


BREAKS //  Do you skate or surf? And how long ya been doing it?

PAT MOORE //  Ya, I’ve been skating ever since I started snowboarding, and ya I surf a little, but probably just call it paddling.   I’m a full turkey in the water. Albino Dolphin is my surf nickname.



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